Out-Out In Birmingham For Our Anniversary

So, October 1st was Ash and I’s anniversary and since we were both on our rotas to work that day, we decided the weekend before would be when we celebrated. So, I booked Friday through Sunday off as holiday and booked us into a Travelodge for the Friday night. Whilst Ash got together an idea... Continue Reading →

Dear Cassie – Happy Birthday!

Cass, a year and a half we've been friends for! Would you believe it? I'll tell you something else I wouldn't believe, is if you told me two years ago that I'd have a best friend half way across the world. It's madness but I'm so glad that it's my madness. After my very first... Continue Reading →

A Chatty July 2018 Favourites

As we're on the home stretch of July, I thought I'd share the products I've been loving this month. There's a real mix of beauty, food and drink, and stationery this month, so bear with me, there should be something for everyone. I'm going to start with my favourite drink this month which is Tesco's... Continue Reading →

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