Erm, how is it nearly May already?! | Life Update + Some Juicy Gossip!

So, I’ve been a-wall for a while but I can explain.

Life has been BUSY.

There’s been some changes at work which have meant a LOT more hours have come my way. Which has meant less time for everything else. So, the time I have got off, I’ve spent either galavanting or sorting life things out.

At the start of April, Ash and I headed down to London for a weekend to attend the Eat & Drink Festival at Kensington Olympia. We stayed at the new(ish) Travelodge London City in Aldgate and highly recommend!

– Cocktails at the Sky Garden

– A view from the top

– Obligatory selfie with the London skyline

Best bits included a visit to the Sky Garden and bagging a Rosè tasting with Joe Wadsack, This Morning’s Wine Expert.

– Joe Wadsack on the topic of Provence Rosès

– The stage at the Eat & Drink Festival

– In the audience at the Eat & Drink Festival

Then I worked my butt off, swapped doctor’s surgeries and bought some eye-wateringly expensive makeup. I also made the decision to come off my medication. I won’t go into details because I know what the internet can be like and I wouldn’t want to sway someone either way, considering how personal and important a decision on medication can be. All I will say is to make sure to consult your doctor if you’re rethinking your medications, not just the internet.

Easter came and went, I enjoyed a day off with an old friend, marvelled at how old we are and now feel, and Ash and I headed into Birmingham for a night out. Our favourite of bars, The Alchemist was amazing as always and the cocktails were nice at the Botanist too, although I wasn’t as thrilled as I am with The Alchemist. We were in bed by 10.30pm, obviously, because we are boring, old beings, who go out early to ditch the crowds and avoid clubs like the plague.

– A raspberry disaronno sour at The Botanist

– A lightbulb moment at The Alchemist

– Cocktails and appetizers at The Alchemist

And now, some inside gossip for you all! With a bit extra in my pay packet due to my extra hours, I’ve been able to invest in some very exciting supplies for the business. I’m currently waiting for them all to arrive but I am so thrilled to start working on them and share them with you, let alone list them on Etsy. All I will say for now is, if you have little ones to buy for, keep your eyes peeled on The Sunny & Pea Creative Co! Make sure to subscribe to post notifications to stay tuned! You will not want to miss it!

Until next time, toodles x

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