10 Places to Visit Out of Season Around North And Mid Cornwall

So, February half term has not long gone and Ash and I spent it in Cornwall! It was a lovely break away and I wanted to share with you the places that we enjoyed the most. For reference, we stayed not far from Wadebridge. It can be hard finding things to do or see or visit out of season so hopefully, this helps someone a little. If not, you get to nosey at what we got up to!

1. Lost Gardens of Heligan, St. Austell

I love this place. I visited when I was around 11 with my nan and auntie and knew I for sure wanted to take Ash here. It’s a gorgeous mismatch of gardens, art, nature and adventure. I’d got a feeling ash would get bored so when he wanted to wield the camera, I was more than up for it. Especially as I got some lovely shots for my blog and socials out of it! A lovely place to walk around in the sun.

2. Boscastle

This little village has been a go-to for my family for years and it has such an interesting story to tell. It has grown so much over the last 15 years, rebuilding after such devastation. Seeing how it is now, makes my heart so warm and will for sure remain in a special part in my heart, especially after this trip.

Head into the national trust visitor’s centre to learn about Boscastle’s story, there are some interesting bits for kids too, all about the wildlife and seascape.

The witchcraft museum used to be quite interesting but unfortunately was closed when we visited but definitely worth a look if it’s open.

Our favourite bit wasn’t as kid friendly though, but beautiful if that’s not an issue for you. Head up across the harbour on the left-hand side about an hour before or after low tide. When you get to the harbour wall, climb the steps and head across the slate outcrop. There’s a carved out section on the right-hand side, perfect to perch on. To your right, there’s a small cavern, which is known as the blowhole. It’s mesmerising but it’s important to go the hour before or after low tide to see it best, so the National Trust said. On a sunny day, it is absolutely beautiful up there. Even Ash, not normally a fan of beaches and nature, loved it, we could have stayed up there all day.

There’s also great stones for skimming on the slipway for the harbour further up towards the village.

3. Healey’s Cyder Farm

This is a bit of mixed out of season but well worth a look. The tours only run several times throughout the day, which didn’t coordinate with the website so it might be worth ringing ahead to check. However, entry to the farm is free. There’s several things to look at as well as lots of animals, including a horse, peacocks, rabbits, chickens, pigs, goats and donkeys. There’s also free samples of practically everything in the shop, for you to sample to your heart’s content. The restaurant and tea room was also a big hit, although a little pricey. Samples were definitely the best bit for us and we ended up coming away with a few too many bottles of ciders and a jam.

4. Looe

I have visited Looe a few times now in February and it is one of the loveliest places for a bimble. There’s some adorable little shops, a lot of independents, well worth a look in all the windows of.

By far the best fish and chip shop, however, is ’Catch’ looking out across the harbour. They aren’t too expensive for what they are and they do unusual catch of the days – I tried Ling when I took Ash here. You can take away or sit in and unless I’m mistaken, everything is cooked fresh to order. You will not regret it.

We also took a walk down to the beach and watched the RNLI doing a training session. The walk down to the viewing platform is also worth it, especially in the sun. When I went a few years ago, it was an unusually warm February and the sun on the harbour made the water a beautiful clear turquoise, gorgeous to look at. Unfortunately, it was a bit colder and dimmer this time around.

5. Trago Mills

The holy grail for bargain hunters, they have everything, and I mean everything. We visited the one near Liskeard. Be warned, make sure to set aside at least a couple of hours if you’re going to plan a trip.

6. St. Ives

We visited St. Ives with my Aunt and Uncle and their little pup, Alfie. It’s gorgeous, the beach and sea is beautiful and the tiny lanes with all the teeny, awe-worthy shops are lovely to wander through. I particularly loved all the little jewellers. I rather enjoyed pointing my favourite window pieces out to Ash, which he would completely ignore and walk off without taking any hints, much to my Auntie’s amusement. Definitely, worth a wander. And we scored some bargains from a bakery in the late afternoon on a back street!

7. Newquay

We walked along the main shopping street before heading to the aquarium and the beach. It was so much quieter than I remember it being years ago when I came in the summer.

Loved a little mooch around the shops. The aquarium was good but, as Ash said to me, it would have been cheaper to go to the Sea Life Centre so maybe not worth the money but still a nice activity for an hour or so. I loved the beach though, most definitely the highlight!

8. Padstow

Hell to park on the Saturday when we went but worth it. Lovely little streets to wonder around and the harbour is gorgeous. Chough’s bakery make award winning goods, definitely worth a look.

If you follow the harbour round to the harbour wall, you can watch the Rock to Padstow ferry go to and frow across the estuary too. Take care to marvel at all the little shells under foot on the wall! We also watched the rowing club do laps around the harbour here.

9. Godrevy

Windswept but worth it! I used to come here a lot to see the seals and when I found out that January and February are the best times to see them, I just had to show Ash! We ended up visiting with my aunt and uncle and their little dog, Alfie. It was definitely a lovely sight if you don’t mind a little bit of a walk.

10. Polzeath

The beach! My goodness, how gorgeous. I must point out that Ash, unlike me is not a big fan of the beach and gets bored easily. So, I left him at the top of the beach, took off my shoes and socks and walked down to the ocean to walk in the lapping waves. It was so peaceful and it made my soul so happy. It was exactly what I needed after a long, hard, few months. I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a bit of a break from their mind. The gallery and the ice cream shop are also worth a look!

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