Sorry I’m So Late | All The Goodies + Makers | Etsy Made Local – Birmingham Digbeth Winter 2018 By IDEAS

So, first of all, I want to apologise for the insane amount of time it has taken for me to post this. I went to this event at the start of December and it is now February. Of course there are no excuses good enough but I just want to say I’ve had a couple of rough months. But, I didn’t want to not post this, because all these lovely makers deserve huge recognition and trade sent their way. Again, all I can do is apologise.

First off, baked goods from Mel’s Bakery. All the items were delicious and Mel and her team were so lovely too!

I bought this lovely pink and white ceramic trinket dish from Ella Sheasby Illustration & Ceramics. It now lives on the bedside table at my boyfriend’s house to hold my rings and necklace at night. The little clink as the hit the dish always makes me smile. And Ella is so lovely too! Her ring cones were also gorgeous, well worth a look.

Next comes this gorgeous hand cut woodland bauble from Paper Ink Alchemy. I think the three pictures were needed to show the sheer beauty of this one. It sat pretty on the tree all Christmas and will be treasured for years to come(I would have hung it in my room year through but I was in Bristol when the tree was taken down and I didn’t get chance to put it to one side so unfortunately it will live in the loft until this Christmas). Lottie has such talent and is genuinely so sweet and friendly.

This was by far my biggest spend on the day but this gorgeous little sycamore seed, sterling silver necklace from Hannah Kyriakou Design. If I remember rightly, it was cast from an actual seed, hence the amazing detail. I actually saw Hannah at a previous event and tried to hint to my boyfriend about these and the acorn equivalents but with no success, so when I found out she was going to be at this event, her stall was top of my list!

I saw this gorgeous merino wool brooch and knew that my nan would love it. And she did! Lovely quality and perfect as part of her Christmas present.

These stickers are unfortunately still itching to be used. Because of all the madness going on, my bujo has well and truly been put on the back burner but hopefully will return to use soon. They are so pretty and great quality. Dayz from Cheeky Geeky is so lovely and down to earth and she does such a good job at organising these events. (Super special sorry to you, Dayz, I really do wish that I had had chance before now to post all this)

Now, unfortunately, I had someone get hold of my card details and had to cancel my card just days before the event so I couldn’t buy from everyone(I mean my bank account would have screamed in pain if I did do that anyway but you catch my drift). But everyone at the event had such gorgeous products and were oh so lovely, and I feel deserve some publicity. So, here are (I think) most of the people I didn’t buy from but loved anyway.

Firefly Handmade Creations make gorgeous soy wax melts and candles that smell like heaven.

Michelle Tuck Jewellery offer premium, unique jewellery with never-ending combinations and a gorgeous ancient world feel.

Sloka Richmond Design make gorgeously unique homeware from fallen oak.

Warrillow make breathtaking vegan fascinators, hats and accessories.

Maya Croft make lovely knitwear and crocheted products.

Taylor Made Planners Ltd make beautiful diaries, planners and the like.

The Nine of Hearts make really lovely jewellery, a little chunky for my style but I very much admired all the pieces.

Blackbird Geranium make the most amazing Liberty fabrics and products out of them. They are honestly so beautiful.

Cheryl Steventon Glass make glass homeware inspired by the coast and countryside. When me and Ash eventually get a place of our own, one of these pieces will be on my list of to buys. They wouldn’t be safe or appreciated enough until then but they are so gorgeous, right up my street.

Pickle & Pig Co. make some hilarious and quirky cards. A really refreshing brand.

Natty Designs make some lovely natural candles and wax melts.

Designs By Anika create some really lovely, dreamy art, very bright for my decor but definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for bright and quirky.

Sister Mintaka have beautiful fabrics, bias and patterns for home sewing. Such a lovely, friendly lady too. Very much enjoyed chatting away with her and adore her whole branding and style.

And last but not least, Better Pathways make lovely wood items from recycled pallets, helping people with their mental health, always a great cause.

As I said, I apologise massively for the stupidly long delay in getting this up but hopefully I’m back now so look forward to more soon. Please, go and give these wonderful makers some love! They all so deserve it!

Toodles, Em x

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