Avocado Salsa & Poached Eggs on Toast|WW Friendly Favourites

So, some news, I’ve started WW’s online program(formerly Weight Watchers). I came home one evening after a gynaecology appointment and watched this YouTube video from the lovely Louise Pentland. After the umpteenth conversation about my weight, this video was the push I needed to do something. And so I took the leap of faith. I signed up for three months of the online program.

Now I’ve tried dieting before on my own, not overly successfully, although no added sugar and diet drinks was one that stuck and I can’t stand sugary drinks now – small victories! I did Slimming world with my mum for a while a few years ago and it wasn’t for me. There was too much counting and focus on getting the weight off and it made me feel awful about myself. Not that I have anything against SW, it’s a great program but it just wasn’t for my sensitive soul. So when I found out that Weight Watchers had rebranded and was more focused on wellbeing with a consequence of weight loss, I was instantly interested.

And so far, I’m liking it. I like the freedom and the great app(it’s a life saver!). And I’m getting into new habits too, including eggs for breakfast! So, I want to start a series with my favourite recipes, beginning with my own version of a Avocado and Egg Brunch.

When at our local Wetherspoons for brunch, one of my go-to dishes is the Smashed Avocado English Muffin with a poached egg. It’s filling and refreshing and something I really enjoy. So I wondered whether I could create my own WW friendly version. And I loved it that much that I thought I’d share it with you. And all for only 7 points!

Avocado Salsa and Poached Eggs on Toast


– 1 slice of brown bread (2 points)

– 1/2 an avocado (5 points)

– 1/4 of an onion

– 1/4 of a bell pepper (I used red)

– 3 eggs

– A handful of cress

– Lemon juice

– Boiling Water

– Balsamic/Malt Vinegar (depending on what you have it the house)

– Salt


1. Toast the bread until golden and crispy.

2. Slice the avocado, onion and pepper, before tossing in lemon juice.

3. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to a saucepan of boiling water and poach the eggs to your liking.

4. Place the salsa on top of the toast before adding the poached eggs.

5. Sprinkle the cress on top of the eggs, drizzle with the vinegar and season with the salt.

For an extra kick, similar to the Wetherspoons dish, add finely chopped chilli or chilli flakes to the salsa, on top of the eggs or both!

Make sure to tag me on socials if you try this recipe! I’d love to see your photos and you may even get a share!

Bon appetit!šŸ’•šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ³

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