Baked Crispy Chickpeas Recipe

On this very autumnal, rainy October day, I bring you a healthy snack recipe that I have been loving lately. I’ve tried bought crispy chickpeas before and thought surely I can make these myself easily for a lot cheaper. I found this recipe by Annie over at The Garlic Diaries and decided to put my own twist on it and adjust it to my liking.

Whilst preheating your oven to around 200-220 degrees Celsius(I used my fan oven on 200), wash your tin of chickpeas in a sieve or colander under a running tap and let the excess water drain.

Next dry off your chickpeas between two layers of paper towel. This is essential for a good, crispy, crunch.

Place your dry chickpeas evenly on a lined backing tray.

Coat with 3 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and toss.

Sprinkle with a 1/2 teaspoon of garlic salt and a good coating of paprika to taste and toss to cover evenly. Spread out your chickpeas evenly again and place in the middle of your hot oven for 20-35mins.

After 20 minutes, my chickpeas had a crunchy outside and were lovely and golden but were still soft on the inside. Make sure to taste a couple of your chickpeas! Looks can be deceiving!

After 30 minutes, my chickpeas were throughly crispy and slightly charred in places. Just right!

Eat warm or allow to cool and store in an air tight container for a lovely, healthy snack or potato crisp/nut alternative, as well as one of your 5-a-day!

I can’t wait to play around and try out some other flavours, like Italian herb, chilli and lime, and rosemary and thyme. If you try this recipe, make sure to tag me on social media so I can marvel at your creations!

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