Out-Out In Birmingham For Our Anniversary

So, October 1st was Ash and I’s anniversary and since we were both on our rotas to work that day, we decided the weekend before would be when we celebrated. So, I booked Friday through Sunday off as holiday and booked us into a Travelodge for the Friday night. Whilst Ash got together an idea of some bars for us to go to and made sure he was all set to go when he got back from work on Friday afternoon.

When Friday finally came around, I washed my hair and popped on a new favourite outfit of mine to jump on the train into Birmingham.

Friday Daytime Outfit: Leggings (Asda), Mini Skater Skirt (eBay but no longer available), Strong Girls Club Tee (Mutha.hood), Faux Leather Jacket (Yours), Necklace and Infinity Ring (Warren James), Princess Style Ring (Closed Down Independent).

Dad dropped me down to the station and Ash, of course, being Ash, was running late. I seem to remember him running late on our first date too, funnily enough. When we eventually got on the train at about 2.45pm, we managed to bag two rows facing for the 20 minute journey into town.

We checked into our Double Super Room at Travelodge Birmingham Central Bull Ring on Upper Dean Street, opposite the rag markets, to dump our stuff and set off into town in search of a shirt for Ash.

After eventually ending up in M&S (apparently Simply Be and Jacamo are now completely online only?!), shirt bought, we made our way back to the hotel, with a pitstop to the 24hr Spar next door for snacks and ciders.

I can safely say that Smirnoff’s Raspberry and Pomegranate Cider is lovely and doesn’t taste of Vodka, instead just a nice fruity cider. Ash tried out Spar’s own pear cider which was nice too but wayyyy too sweet for my liking, as well as his obligatory Kopperberg mixed berries, or as he calls them, Koppemberg.

I always love the rooms at Travelodge, with the tasteful design and the really comfy beds. We tried out a Super Room this time round, I don’t think personally its worth it. The room is basically the same, but with a coffee machine and a rainfall shower, which didn’t really bother us. But definitely worth a try if that kind of thing floats your boat.

The views of the city were nice from the 5th floor though. Especially in the sun.

Had to be careful with the curtains though because the car park opposite can see right in!

Huge appreciation for a full length mirror with plug socket and shelf for the hair dryer though!

This artwork was a really lovely touch. I love illustrated things and this gorgeous illustrated map of Birmingham really added to the room. Beautiful.

The bathroom was a little on the small side but it was functional. With a nice shower, easy to flood though, as ash found out!

I have a love for hotel room bathroom lit mirrors! They’re always gorgeous, especially at Travelodge and DoubleTree by Hilton.

A refreshments tray can make or break a room sometimes and this was a good one. Whilst not a huge lover of the coffee machine, the beverage selection was good and I was very impressed with the Galaxy Hot Chocolates and Kit Kat Bars!

I love a good seat up the corner, Travelodge, you did well.

Time to glam up! Makeup, hair and heels (well kind of! Ankle boots with a chunky heel).

Friday Evening Outfit: Dress (Vintage Evans), Ankle Boots and Bag (Matalan), Faux Leather Jacket (Yours).

And a smiley anniversary photo before we headed out at just gone 6pm!

Our first stop, and my personal favourite, was The Alchemist on Colmore Row, overlooking Cathedral Square. I wasn’t too hungry so went for just a Starter, the Salmon Thai Fishcakes with Sweet Chilli Sauce. Ahhhhh, I have never tasted fish cakes so nice! And they weren’t too spicy either which I liked too. And the tableware is gorgeous too!

I went for The Flavour Changing One. The first half was gorgeously fruity and refreshing, the second was rather thick and syrupy but it was a nice experience to try.

Ash went for a Lightbulb Moment. Very refreshing and ginger heavy. Reminded me of a Moscow Mule. But the theatrics with this is amazing! It’s first warmed in a little pan over bunsen burner type set up and then iced and dry ice added and you have to wait for it to stop puffing to pour it into the drinking glass. Very impressive. I recommend this one, just to watch them make it!

Ash also went for a haddock finger sandwich and fries. It looked nice and he enjoyed it. I don’t believe it’s as good as the posh fish finger sandwiches we enjoyed at DoubleTree by Hilton at Sheffield Park (that’s a whole other story) but still very nice.

The drinks menu at The Alchemist is very impressive. It’s based around the idea of the periodic table and has gold foil accents among the black and ivory illustrations on a matte card. Real beauty.

Lastly, I had a Solero (Ketel One vodka, Passoa, mango, apple, orange, citrus, white chocolate cream foam) and no joke, it tasted like a Solero ice cream! It was gorgeous. Ashley went for a Pot O’ Gold (Tanqueray gin, rhubarb gin, pink grapefruit & citrus. Pineapple booze jelly). The jelly was like rocket fuel! But the actual cocktail was lovely and refreshing, really citrusy.

We also checked out the facilities before heading off. I accidentally discovered a secret, quiet bar downstairs, whilst looking for the toilets! Turns out I’d walked straight past them! In my defence, the only sign was WC painted on the window of the door to the corridor and it was dark! The ladies was very swish! In keeping with the black and ivory theme, there was a corridor with mirrors and shelves for makeup checks and then there was individual rooms(not stalls!) with complete loo, basin, mirror and hand dryer sets in each one! Very nice.

We next headed off round the corner to Purnell’s Bistro and Ginger’s Bar in Newhall Street. The clientele in there was slightly older, 30s-40s upwards. More sophisticated. We only stayed for one drink due to the only seating available being two really high stools which I definitely wasn’t even going to attempt in a quiet, classy establishment. I had a peach bellini and Ash had a Rekorderlig cider. My bellini was nice, nothing special though. I think Purnell&Gingers is more food focused and would be much better for a meal.

We roamed around looking for other bars but by this time everywhere was packed, to the point we walked into The Botanist, saw the bar and walked straight back out again. We eventually ended up in The Trocadero pub on Temple Street for a quieter drink. It was just a small traditional style pub and Ash enjoyed a cider and I a diet coke before making our way back to the hotel via Tesco for a Ribena Light, as you do.

Our Travelodge had a 24hr bar downstairs that served food as well so we decided on pizzas and fries before bed. We were back in the room for 9pm and asleep by 10.30pm😂 We are such old souls for 19 and 21😂

Cut to the next morning! ^spot the Ashley arm😂

Ash offered to head down to the rag market and get us breakfast so I took the opportunity to blog and catch up with my social media.

Twenty minutes later, he appeared back with food and drink! A breakfast wrap, tea and ribena light for me and a breakfast baguette for himself. And then we got ready and watched Saturday kitchen with the hairy bikers (legends in my household) before thinking of checking out and heading back into town.

And here we witness a wild Ashley, engrossed in Saturday Kitchen…😂

Isn’t he adorable?!😍😘

A final view from our hotel window in the morning sun.

And that was our anniversary weekend in Birmingham. After mooching round town, buying loads of krispy kreme, two costa coffees and ash jumping out on me, making me almost pee myself in M&S’s lingerie department, we headed home and spent the rest of the weekend together with our families.

I think the story of our Friday and this meme, really says a lot about me😂

I hope you enjoyed nosing at our night out-out, name the reference! I don’t care if no-one even reads this, I enjoyed documenting it so I don’t forget the details.

I love you baby, happy anniversary💕

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