My October Bujo Set Up – Wishes and Dreams

Hey everyone, welcome back to my monthly bujo set up. This month, I went with the theme of dreamcatchers and feathers. I was obsessed as a kid and was in awe of the lovely ladies I saw make them once. I still have a huge rainbow one in my room. It’s old and crusty but I can’t bare to take it down. This month is Ash and I’s 1st anniversary so apart from loving the aesthetic of the theme, it also has a nod to that in the name of the theme. Little Emily once dreamt of having a man like ash and her wishes and dreams came true. Anyway, enough of the soppiness, onto this month’s spreads.

I am so in love with this month’s landing page. I tried something different and decided not to cram the page full and it looks nice and clean and artsy.

I am not loving this monthly spread but it’s functional and that’s all it needs to be. Would definitely switch out the design if I was to do this again.

The first three weeklies are heavily inspired by the dream catcher and I played around a lot with layouts and styles.

This week is possibly my favourite of all the weeklies. I love the simplicity and clean look of it. I am so in love with that grey!

And the very last page is only a little one. I tried to incorporate the theme without taking up much space or looking too similar to the last page. I’m not in love with it but I don’t hate it either. I think I went a little overboard with that lovely grey though!

And thats another set up done! Only another two left for 2018! How time flies! Please make sure you like, share and follow me if you liked the post. And I’m see you soon! Toodles x

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