My Favourite Work Break Snacks | WorkingGalSeries

Welcome back to my blog and hello if you’re new💕 I’m kicking off a new series called the WorkingGalSeries with a list of my current favourite snacks that I’m loving both on my breaks at work and when studying and blogging at home.

First on my list is watermelon🍉 I got a craving for it a couple of weeks back and have been loving it ever since. And it can be so cheap too! My mum got me a small one this week and when I cut it, I got 5 tuber-ware boxes out of it! I’ve frozen two for later on in the week as I’m the only one eating it! I’ve been eating as is at home and cutting off the rind and into cubes in a small, circular tuber-ware, packed with a fork for when I’m at work.

Next on my list is mini malt loaves. Soreen do these adorable, lunchbox size loaves in original, apple and banana, but I’m not a fan of the banana so I’m sticking to the malt and apple varieties. And to make it even better, these 5 packs are currently on rollback from £1.40 to £1 at Asda!

A little treat, these caramel millionaire slices by McVitie’s Digestives are lovely as a little something in your lunchbox or as a little self reward. They really are snack size – two bites and they’re gone – but as a little something, they’re a good’un and only 64p on rollback from £1 at Asda! Also check out McVitie’s other snack slices, including hobnob slices – because who doesn’t like a hobnob?!

Many moons ago, I had a Graze subscription. I loved the concept and getting to try all the lovely new healthy snacks but I didn’t like that I couldn’t get them in shops or that they were quite expensive for what you get. So, I was so pleased when Graze started to move into shops. My newest find is these berry and vanilla morning oat minis, although I wouldn’t call them minis. I also love the lemon drizzle bars but they’re a golden oldie.

For my longer breaks, when I need to eat lunch or dinner, I’ve been mixing packet rices with chicken and chopped veggies over the hob to make a batch. Super healthy, super easy and super yummy, and great from batch freezing too. I also like the golden veggie packet rices.

For the benefit of my colleagues and the customers, I’m also keeping mentos in my lunchbox for at the end of my breaks. Because I’m a nice person like that😉😂

And last but not least are these freeze dried banana and strawberry packets from The Snack Organisation. I hate dried bananas with a passion but freeze dried are soooooo much better. They’ve crisp and snap-able, unlike the dried variety that remind me of rocks. And the strawberries are just bliss. They are very more-ish and very easy to munch away on whilst working on my laptop. One packet is only 60cal and one of your five a day! They are quite pricey though, at £1 for a 18g packet at Tesco, however I would argue that they are worth it if you have the money to spend. If you know of a cheaper alternative though, please do let me know!

And there’s my current work snack favourites! I hope you enjoyed having a nose-y at what I’m loving and maybe it gave you some inspiration of your own. Let me know that you’re loving right now so that I can give them a try too! Toodles x

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