On The Cheap: Mid-August Market Trip

As I’m writing this, it is Friday 10th August and I have spent the afternoon wandering around one of my local town high streets with my mum, my nan and my sister, trying to dodge the rain. I’ve found a few great deals, we always seem to, our family have a sixth sense for deals, and I wanted to share them. It’s nice to go shopping and feel the achievement of not spending loads of money, especially if you don’t have loads to play with in the first place. So, I thought I’d start a series, On The Cheap, to share my little finds and help you guys find your own.

So, anybody locally who knows Brierley Hill knows that the actual high street part of town doesn’t really have much. There’s generally a lot of empty shops and it’s quite quiet most of the time. But this actually makes it a great place for deal searching. The market is a hive of cheap and the shops often have a lot of leftover stock to sell off, on top of having to compete with prices for trade. There’s also a lot of charity shops there but I didn’t buy anything from them this time, I find them quite hit and miss.

One of my finds was this box from card factory. It’s quite a small store and they had a wealth of old stock at a very reduced price. The range of different boxes were 3 for £1, originally around £2-£3 each. I thought this one would be perfect for organising my makeup on my window sill. I always end up with products spread all over the place and this keeps them nice and tidy in one area. I recycled some old water bottles into product and brush holders by washing them out, cutting them to size and lining the edge with washi tape. This set up cost me less than 50p and I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

These floral watercolour stacking boxes with metallic accents were the rest of my 3 for £1 deal from Card Factory. The pink bottomed one is actually slightly bigger than the purple one, so they would look lovely stacked on top of each other. I am yet to decide what to keep in these, maybe photos or mementoes, or maybe art supplies? They’re made from the same sturdy cardboard as the other box and will definitely last, and are also very deep. I shall let you know what I end up doing with them.

Onto the market hall, there’s a stall full of foods and drinks that are either in bulk or about to go past their best before date or both. It’s been there for years and is a real hit all round. They keep sweets and snacks mostly but do offer other things. This huge bag of Cadbury Wispa bite-size bars was £2, as was the 1kg bag of chocolate M&M’s, which I’ve never seen anywhere else before. There’s also an amazing fruit and veg stall there, among other things but our finds are currently cooking so no feature this time.

Also from the market, was this gorgeous midi-skirt, quite Louise Pentland esk (ironic when her new book I preordered arrived yesterday, can’t wait to read it, look out for a review!). I didn’t get chance to get a proper picture when I tried it on so I paired it with this white tee (George at Asda) and mustard cardi (Primark) to show you guys. This beauty was hidden in a little granny clothes stall, which I spotted on a glance on the way past in a rack of old woman skirts. My nan then went on to buy a load of clothes whilst I found my size, decided on my floral design and paid my £8(I know right! On par or cheaper than Primark right here!), and my sister managed to spot a pair of cute, striped cullotes. Occasionally, this kind of stalls pick up cute things cheaply but they’re normally tucked away because they’re not for their normal target customers, so don’t be afraid to risk your street cred (is that even still a thing?) and route around in an old woman’s clothing stall. And if the worst comes to the worst and someone see’s you, just say you were looking for something nice for your nan!

The Poundland in Brierley Hill is always full of great deals but this time I only grabbed a handful. The A4 White Card from here is really great quality and a re-re-re-purchase. It was actually tipping it down when we arrived so we had to grab brollies from here, £1 each for the same quality as £4-£6 ones from supermarket chains isn’t bad though! The scented nappy sacks were 2 for £1, as informed by the cashier, so make sure to keep an eye out for extra offers, even in a pound shop! These I bought for menstrual products (yes, I said it, it is 2018 after all), not nappies, but they’re only the same as the cheap supermarket ones, and less money. The last thing I got from Poundland was in an almost hidden sell off bin at the back of the store, ducky shaped paper clips! Reduced to 50p, I couldn’t resist. I’m a real stationary addict and I know these will look really cute and be well used in my bullet journal and study notes.

That’s all for this trip. I hope you all like the start of this new little series and grab some tips and ideas for finding your own deals. Make sure to like and comment your latest deal find for me to look out for. And follow to get an email alert when a new post goes live.

Toodles x

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