My August Bujo Set Up – Watermelon Dreams

Another month, another bujo set up! This month, I went summery as a nod to all the scorching weather the UK has had lately. And obviously, what’s more summery than watermelon?!

For my base page and calendar, I went for an illustrated background. I used my WHSmith brush pens and my trusty Stabilo Sensor 0.3 Fineliner in Black throughout this month’s set up but I love how the colours pop on this page. I think it’s really fun and possibly my favourite spread of the month. I drew some inspiration from this pin –

For all the weekly spreads, I played around with different cuts of watermelon and slice looks. This week I went for your average half slice. Take note of the ‘August 2018’. I was so in love with the look of it that I continued it through the month, experimenting with the flourishes and style a little.

This week got smaller slices and dotted lines, I am obsessed with dotted lines.

For this week, I played around with enlarged part slices and framing day markers.

The experiments this week were flag dates and munched part slices.

And as a fitting progression to the last week of the month, all the watermelon has been eaten and there’s only leftovers everywhere.

My inspiration for the different watermelon takes came from these pins – and

That’s all for this month’s set up folks, join me soon for September’s set up. Make sure to follow to be alerted when a new post goes up. Also like this post to let me know that you want more of these bujo themed posts.

5 thoughts on “My August Bujo Set Up – Watermelon Dreams

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      1. I’ll hopefully be starting it later this week but I think I’m going to go either sunflowers or dandelions. As soon as I start I’ll make sure you get first pics lol x

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