My July Bujo Set Up – Monochrome Mountain Adventures

Hi Everyone! So today I thought I’d share my July set up with you. This month I went for monochrome mountains as a theme. I always start out on Pinterest and collect myself some inspiration on a board and work from there. I try to only use they art I find as inspiration and not copy it to the Tee, one as respect to the artist and two to try and make my work my own. I will link my inspiration as we go through. Stay right until the end for a flip through!

Landing Page and Calendar –

I ADORE this landing page, in particular the illustration. I drew inspiration from a piece of work by @chasingamoment on Instagram –

I wanted to go for an adventurous, dreamy feel and I think this image is perfect for conveying that.

Knowing later on I would be using geometric shapes, I wanted to nod to this in the calendar page. I’m not completely satisfied with this page but I do like the patterns and line work.

For the illustration on this page I took a little inspiration from this Pin –

Week 1 –

I’m not a huge fan of trackers in my Bujo. I tend to not end up completing them and I feel like that’s a waste of a page, so I just do them on my phone apps instead and cut them out of my spreads. So, we’re jumping straight into my diary.

I am in love with the main illustration on my left hand page. For this I threw my own spin on this gorgeous little pin – do you think?

I can’t seem to find the maker of this piece so if anybody does please let me know so I can credit and follow them.

When creating this I thought the bottom of this page seemed empty. Of course, a mini mountain range was the best option to solve this. What doesn’t a mini mountain range solve?!

I also really like the box surround on my floating to-do’s. It’s almost morse code like, unintended though so goodness knows what I’ve spelt out!

For the right hand page’s illustration, I was playing around with a night and day split. I think it would have been better to have the arrow splitting the bottom of the two mountains, almost as an equator line, but we live and we learn.

Week 2 –

I really like the feel of this page. I love the use of shapes and lines.

The first illustration, I am glad to say is completely of my own creation. I wanted to play around with overlapping windows with different images and shapes. I’m really happy with how it turned out as well.

The right hand illustration, on the other hand, takes great inspiration from a pin –

Again, artist unknown, so please let me know.

Week 3 –

So, my first illustration took close inspiration from this pin –

I’m really enjoying the combination of geometric shapes and illustrations, they just look so….trendy?šŸ˜‚

My second illustration came from this pin –

I think it would have been better if it was a little tidier but I still think it looks cool and fits with the page.

Week 4 –

I am loving these circular illustrations! They are quite tricky to pull off because they have to be so precise to look good without the outlines but I think mine turned out so good. My inspiration came from these two pins – and

My instax style illustration was purely to fill empty space and was purely from the inside of my brain. Nevertheless, I think it turned out well.

Week 5 –

The final week of my July spreads is only one page due to there only being two July days in this week. My last illustration is inspired by this pin – – but also a little by the circular illustrations on the previous spread.

I hope you all enjoyed nosying through this month’s empty spreads and maybe it gave you some inspiration for a set up of your own. If you do recreate any of my spreads or pieces, please do tag me on my social media or send me a link via DM.

Toodles, Emily Ann x

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