What Does It Mean ‘To Be Strong’?

I recently bought two t-shirts from the lovely Gemma over at Mutha.Hood. I am in love with them and at the moment they hardly get washed and folded before I'm wearing them again. Above: Exhibit A. Below: The tees in question. This past Saturday, Ash and I ventured into Birmingham City Centre to take a... Continue Reading →

Baked Crispy Chickpeas Recipe

On this very autumnal, rainy October day, I bring you a healthy snack recipe that I have been loving lately. I've tried bought crispy chickpeas before and thought surely I can make these myself easily for a lot cheaper. I found this recipe by Annie over at The Garlic Diaries and decided to put my... Continue Reading →

Out-Out In Birmingham For Our Anniversary

So, October 1st was Ash and I’s anniversary and since we were both on our rotas to work that day, we decided the weekend before would be when we celebrated. So, I booked Friday through Sunday off as holiday and booked us into a Travelodge for the Friday night. Whilst Ash got together an idea... Continue Reading →

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